International Group Company (IGC) Aire was a division of Phillips & Tomkins Industries in Dayton, Ohio. 

In 1994, IGC Aire’s first regional office was founded in Lebanon to manage and direct the Middle East markets.

In 1996 and after decentralization of IGC as a division during 1994; A new independent company, IGC International Group Co., was established in Ohio to represent Tomkins Divisions.

IGC Aire was involved in major world projects in five continents. In expanding increased trend, the company established offices and manufacturing facilities in UAE (Dubai, Abu Dhabi), Lebanon, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Nigeria along with Ohio, USA procurement office to be closer to its customer’s needs.

With IGC having its corporate office in Ohio, USA along with its worldwide associates network, we offer all its customers with world renowned Air Distribution Products with quality services in business consulting and management to the complete satisfaction of its customers - Our manufacturing capabilities in various locations along with OEM arrangements with US and European ranging from UL Listed Dampers, Louvers, Grilles, Registers, Diffusers, VAVs, Exhaust, Supply, Centrifugal Fans, Axial fans, Gravity Vents and many more quality products to serve the mechanical products world wide.

IGC Aire has been providing Quality Products at competitive pricing associated with strong technical back up around the globe, to international Contractors, Consultants, OEM Manufacturers and End-users.

We have the capacity to design and supply industrial facilities with all required supply and exhaust air systems and relies only on best manufacturers to meet high quality standards required by today’s emerging construction Industry and many more quality products in its line up.

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